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Creating a Literate World for Everyone, Everywhere.

We have 14,000+ digital books in 250+ languages free for everyone, everywhere.

FREE Digital Libraries

Leading organizations have developed open-licensed children books on their own digital platform. These books vary in quality, subject matter and age level and are intended to be a resource for children who wish to learn to read in a new or their native language.

The Global Digital Library

GDL) provides free, high-quality educational resources for anyone, anywhere. Our vision is to create an individual learning environment for each child. The GDL platform provides reading books in more than 100 languages and early math learning resources in English.

Global Storybooks

is a free multilingual literacy resource for language teachers and learners of all ages. Read, teach, download, and listen to illustrated stories in many languages.In addition to books, we feature language teaching resources, and community projects.

Bloom Library

has 14,000 books in hundreds of languages in a variety of topics for early learners. It was created with funding from the Global Book Alliance and is very versitile and easy to use.

For Storybook Writers

Rescue Writing Is Committed To Being The Most Creative And Versatile Platform Anywhere For People Who Want To Write Stories Rescue Writing Is Committed To Being The Most Creative And Versatile Platform Anywhere For People Who Want To Write Stories..

What Rescue Writing Offers You

Buy Books

English & Ukrainian


English & Spanish


English & Haitian Creole


Translate Your Storybook

To translate a book culturally, linguistically or geographically, click on the book and it will take you to our customizable platform. You can translate the book directly onto the page by replacing the text, browse the selection

Join Us

Global StoryMakers provides tools for everyone, anywhere to create stories. Each platform is created for a different targeted audience and each has its own image library and community of storymakers.

Today, you can work with a child you know to create stories and write their own book through our Rescue Writing FREE online storytelling platform.

Global​ Storymakers is in the process of developing its online accreditation platform with Arizona State University to certify storymakers for a variety of project.

Youth Empowerment Alliance, Inc

The Youth Empowerment Alliance, Inc. (YEA) is a social enterprise, woman-owned business dedicated to giving voice to critical social issues in the world by bringing relevant stories to anyone, anywhere – in any language. YEA has developed a proprietary process which combines a cloud-based, crowd-sourced creative platform with local printers to allow for customized books and learning materials to be developed quickly to enhance the education and skills training. Books can be produced digitally, on-demand, or in bulk. Software can be programed to meet the needs of any organization or institution.

Our Mission, since 1995

To use storytelling to empower children to participate and contribute at their highest capacity in their world.